Managed by Jean-Paul BAILLY, in packaging business from father to son since 1950, J.P'emBall manufactures all types of packaging for industry, exhibitions, armament, IT, automobile, Medical, audiovisual etc...

J.P'emBall : 2 200 sqm dedicated to the manufacture and designing

2200 sqm of building on 1 hectare of land in the city activity zone, 2 overhead cranes, 1 forklift truck, an exhibition hall, a clean room for dust-free work, a specific workshop for bonding exterior films and interior fittings of our Polytcases.

Thanks to its production site and the professionalism of its sales and technical team, we can respond as quickly as possible to standard or customized requests for all of our products:

  • Polytcases® and flight-cases; Link to the webpage : Flight-case Polytcase®
  • Polytcab® and soundproof booths; Link to the webpage : Polytcab® booths
  • Air or Sea freight crates, with or without put-in case, with or without vacuum cover; Link to the webpage : Single use crate
  • Shuttle crate made of plywood; Link to the webpage : Shuttle crate
  • Mix crates (wood and paperboard TC); Link to the webpage : Mix Crates


JPemball workshop

Flightcase series

JPemball workshop FNAC flight-case series

Manufacturing Flight-case

JPemball workshop, working place

Manufacturing Flight-case

JPemball workshop, working place

Betonnex flycase series

JPemball workshop LAGARDERE flightcase series

Shuttle crates

JPemball workshop wooden shuttle crate

Workshop wood

JPemball workshop wood plates and cases

Products to package

JPemball general workshop electrical cabinets

Huge Flight-case

JPemball manufacture huge big flycase

Contact : Jean-Pierre BARATON
Phone: +33 (0) 6 30 74 61 65